Ian’s Baba Yaga Circus Skills

We are delighted to able to share Ian’s story with you and to show his progress since his time being supported by Beyond Limits.

Ian has spent the majority of his life in institutional care. Much of this time was to his detriment and he didn’t always receive the care and support he needed. Unfortunately this resulted in a significant decline in Ian’s health and well-being meaning that people, although well-meaning, had very few expectations of Ian and even fewer aspirations for his life.

Since leaving institutional care Ian has been living a fuller life. Below are photos and videos we took when when Ian visited Baba Yaga’s Circus. Baba Yaga is a social enterprise providing accessible, high quality circus for all ages and abilities including specially adapted circus sessions for those with special needs or disabilities.

See more videos on our YouTube channel.

Ian’s a real charmer and he has a great sense of humour, he loves people and likes to spend time chatting. He is a people watcher, affectionate and a little bit cheeky. These are the things we see when we see Ian, we don’t work on a person’s deficits, we look to people’s gifts and talents and support them to be all they can be. We are able to show that with the right support, totally person centred and with a team of people specifically recruited and matched to Ian how a life can be transformed. Ian is proof that everyone has something to offer, everyone can make a contribution and everyone, despite what difficulties they appear to have has a right to be supported in a way that upholds their dignity and respects their individuality.

Ian’s team of staff are dedicated to him and to providing the support and opportunities that have been denied to him in the past, they believe in him and are delighted to share his journey with him. Credit to Ian’s team: Hamish O’Brien, Ryan Burke, Lauren Jenkin, William O’Brien, Georgia Mitchell, David Bray, Amber Smith, Sue Caunter, Paige Kerry, Daniel Southwold and Glenn Bonner.

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