Photo of Ricky and his support worker riding a tandem.

Ricky is riding to a new adventure…

Hot after Ricky’s last adventure which saw him complete a 50km trek across Sweden, the team and Ricky were not resting on their laurels and set off looking at what the next challenge should be. Upon discovering that Ricky had never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike, it wasn’t too difficult to work out what they should do next.

For most of us, learning to ride a bike happens when we are young and the joy of finally getting rid of the stabilisers is a milestone to be celebrated, for someone like Ricky who has been denied so much because others who were responsible for his support did not believe in his capacity to change and grow, it is only recently that he is able to celebrate this achievement.

Uncertain of how Ricky would take to the challenge or how long it would take to master the art of riding a bike a short challenge was planned, however in pure Ricky style he went into it with all guns blazing and surpassed everyone’s expectations. So the team are working hard to on the next trip, you can find details here

Keep riding Ricky, we are behind you all the way.