The Bake Off competition

Lockdown has certainly made people think about how they can fill their days.

Our Service Leader Pat Burnett introduced the idea of a “Bake-Off” competition to keep people busy and focused. This has been important as a lot of the usual activities  people would be involved in have been closed.

It has really taken off and runs every month and the categories are for best tasting, best presentation and best overall with a prize awarded for each. There are professional judges, this usually involves a local neighbour or friend and as you can imagine we are not short of judges, especially for the best tasting category!

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Although we have a handful of entries, it is slowly taking off and as you can see from the pictures, the results are really very good. Everyone usually wins a small prize, maybe a little thing for the house or garden, one person opted for a set of cookie cutters for a more professional look, how is that for competitiveness. The person who wins overall gets to chose what the next bake will be and everyone loves getting organised for it, shopping for ingredients and hunting out recipes.

 Keep baking everyone!